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At Security Electronics Corporation (SEC), we firmly believe in providing our customers with innovative, superior quality products that are competitively priced. On staff available to ever customer are 70 years of expertise in design, installation, and service applications. Furthermore, we Guarantee 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! Simply stated, this means that we will always do whatever it takes to fully satisfy every customer, every time. You should accept absolutely nothing less from SEC because we accept nothing less from ourselves.

SEC specializes in Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) and Card Access applications, including comprehensive design, installation and maintenance of video security systems and supporting equipment. We offer, by far, the most aggressive, complete array of customer services ever made available to the CCTV industry. Our reputation is based on high-quality products and exceptional customer service, making SEC one of the most sought after security companies in NW Indiana and the Chicago metro region. SEC produces a complete offering of cameras, enclosures, positioning systems, network video products, matrix systems and digital video recorders from some of the most trusted and reliable names in the industry.


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